Caro-Lin Couture

Made with Love

InspirationCaro Lin Couture - Made with love

HANDMADE WITH LOVE is our credo and goes along with CARO LIN COUTURE through all levels of manufacturing. This burning love and enthusiasm is carrying along and electrifying for everybody involved. This avouches dedication, sustainability, quality and fair trade and teamwork day by day.

Caro Lin appeals to intelligent and sophisticated women who have a distinctive sense of style. Our timeless designs create inner confidence and reveal the beauty   of its wearer whilst the fluid silhouettes and architectural tailoring of traditional costumes encourage women to express their individual style and to interpret each piece in their own way.

Inspired by distant countries and fascinated by the colours and cultures, we unite the most stunning fabrics from all over the world in our local dress.

Amid her admirers are not only in Germany and Middle East, they are also well known in China, Shanghai and USA.

Caro Lin Couture means: The world in a dress

Each and every on our Dirndl dresses inspires your longings, awakes desire and tells its own fairy tale. The Sari (Saree) that we use, partially hand-woven and individually embroidered, originate from different regions in India. But also the other materials we use, like silk, pearls and sequins embroidered lace fabrics and cheer delicate chiffon reflect the multicultural character of Asia and Middle East region. Every model sparkles by its strong and energized style and adds uniquely chic.

The world famous British designer Vivienne Westwood said once on her visit to Austria: "I do not understand you Austrians. If every woman wore a dirndl, there would not be any more ugliness"

The slightly puffy sleeves, slim-fitting body and the pleated skirt produced an hourglass effect - very flattering to a woman's figure. A dirndl is simply the perfect dress for every age and every figure.

Acknowledging this design base all our dresses are perfect fitting one-of-a-kinds; if cocktail dresses, opulent evening robes or lovingly wedding dresses. Caro Lin Couture are treasures for lifetime!

With CARO LIN COUTURE the dirndl dress travels the world, by mixing traditional cuts and styles with materials and fashion trends from all over the world.

The Dubai based German designer Carolin Kopp is catching the spirit of time, using multicultural influenced fabrics with individually designed Asian and Indian pattern and combines the old craft art of the native traditional costume tailoring with modern fashion designs. Her gorgeous dirndl creations are up to date but aware of tradition, and designed with the absolutely love to the detail to be wearable not only for the Oktoberfest in Dubai, Munich and all over the world.