Caro-Lin Couture

The Collection

Caro Lin Couture - Carolin Kopp

Unique Dubai Dirndl Dresses

The collection is a result of Carolin’s interpretation of the world around her. Especially, Carolin identifies with the movement of the time and  space she is living in; therefore her collections are often developed in tradition and modern style.

The idea of creating a unique dress is crucial for us. Every Dirndl is one-of-a-kind and much more than just temporary fashion, for the most part it will accompany us for a lifetime. There are obviously new trends and colour combinations every season and this is what challenges me as a designer, but the main idea and the basic pattern of the Dirndl will always abide by the Bavarian Costume.

CARO LIN COUTURE: A dress travels the world.

Because our Label showcases the Dirndl. There are plenty of Oktoberfests all over the world, so not only in Dubai, where Caro Lin Couture was founded, the Dirndl is starting its triumphal procession with its unique cut and style, that flatters women of any shapes and size. Our clients, who are to be found in the US, China and the entire Middle East, as well as Europe appreciate the individuality and quality of our dresses.

Caro Lin Couture Dubai Dirndl are well known from international Print and TV like 24/7, Pro 7 and RTL 2 or Bunte and Dirndlmagazin. 

 Fresh, romantic, effortlessly chic - Caro Lin Couture is an explosion of color on a palette of feminine silhouettes. By creating a distinctive approach between the cultures, the German tradition is linked to foreign culture. Unmistakably oriental styling combined with luxurious fabrics, inspire the exceptionally elegant and unique designs of Bavarian dirndls and Cocktail dresses.

The Caro Lin Couture signatures are the interlocking of colors, oriental traditions, excellent craftsmanship, superb execution and striking detailing.

All born by Indian saris, silk and lace fabrics, which are offering a fascinating range of colors, always with a touch of gold and Dubai glamour which flatters every woman over the globe and lend her one quite special aura.


Starting from next season, we’ll also create the famous Lederhosen and Dirndl for girls. There are plenty of occasions all year long to wear Caro Lin Couture’s dresses and a Sari-Dirndl from Dubai is always a special present, too.